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How To Unplug Completely For Two Weeks Without Repercussions

How to unplug and go on a vacation for two or three weeks without repercussions? The answer to this question indicates how dependent your business or organization is on you.


Can you go on vacation for two or three weeks without repercussions?

Great question. If you’re in Europe and watching this, you might respond differently to that question than most people I know in the United States. In Europe, we are used to having six weeks of vacation in America. Most people cannot even fathom that. I imagine that even in Europe if you’re a business owner, your answer might be different than when you are an employee. 

I’ve been thinking about this question because it is an indicator. The answer to this question is an indicator of a much bigger questionNamely, how dependent is your business or organization on you?

I have come up with a seven-step process. Even though it is seven steps, it is not complicated. 

Step 1: Analyze What Is Stopping You

The first step is to analyze what’s stopping you. What stops you if you cannot go on vacation for two or three weeks? Is it just a mental challenge? For most people, there is a mental aspect to this challenge, but there’s also an actual component. People really do need you! That’s the case in a lot of different organizations. They can’t even go on vacation for a few days without having to stay in contact. People break out into a cold sweat when they hear you are gone for a few days without you having at least cell phone access. 

Step 2: Capture Your Brilliance In Those Areas

Step two is to capture whatever brilliance people will miss when you are gone. 

Step 3: Convert That Brilliance Into Training Systems

Step three is to convert the brilliance we captured from you into a training system. Don’t get scared by the word “system.” It can be simple. It can be checklists or flow charts, or it could be a few videos. There are many options.

Step 4: Test Those Training Systems And Make Them Even Better

Step four is to test those training systems and improve them. Because when you put them to use, you find out what’s working and what needs improving. 

Step 5: Unplug For A Brief Period – See What Happens

Step five is to unplug for a brief period and to test further to see what happens. 

Step 6: Capture More Brilliance And Make It Visible And Actionable

Step six is capturing more brilliance and making it visible and actionable for other people, which is the key to your freedom. 

Step 7: Go On A Longer Vacation Without Worrying – Tell Your People They Cannot Reach You

Hooray! Step 7 is that now you can go on a vacation without worrying! You can actually unplug for two or three weeks or longer. You can tell your people you cannot and do not want to be reached. You can assure them they have “got it” and don’t have to worry about your absence.

By the way, this process doesn’t just mean freedom for you. It means empowerment to your people as well. The final result is not just a two- or three-week vacation. 

  • You will have gained tremendous freedom to enjoy time off.
  • You will have time to think of new ideas which got your company onto the innovative edge in the first place. You have to make sure you don’t lose that
  • You will be in the position to, at some point, either sell your company or retire and pass it on. You can pass on your company by selling to a third party, passing it onto a family member, or selling it to your employees, whatever the plan might be for you.

Key Takeaways

  1. These seven steps will unplug you completely for two or more weeks without repercussions. 
  2. They will also position you for the next phase in your life when you might retire and pass on your company. 
  3. Preparing for this vacation also helps you build your legacy and a profitable exit!

My Vision

My vision is that next year I’m going to pick a handful of companies and their business owners or business leaders and take them through these seven steps. That way, by Fall next year, they will be able to take that two-to-three-week vacation. I have some thoughts. How about a trip to Germany together? How does that sound? I’ll talk to you more about that later. Cheers.

I’m Curious

  • How difficult is it for you to leave your work behind without being accessible to your team, clients, or customers?
  • How long can you unplug currently without repercussions?


  1. Jacquelyn Martin on at

    I am very fortunate I can unplug – in fact I am basically unplugged now. If you are really serious about unplugging, doing a canoe trip down the Missouri River or taking a cruise without internet works well. I agree with Dr. Stephie on Step 5 try it for a short period first. You might be surprised – either you could have taken a much longer trip, or maybe you need to have more brilliance extracted so things can progress in your business without you personally being at the helm.

    • Stephie Althouse on at

      You hit the nail on the head. BTW, want to go canoeing down the Missouri River? That sounds cool! And yes, step 5 is powerful!